What is The Spec Bank?

Spec Bank is the world’s largest resource for high-concept, production-ready TV commercial scripts. It was founded by Dan Sorgen, an LA-based creative.

Who is it for?

Directors who want to break into commercial directing. Writers who want to see their concepts shot for free. Production companies that want to add high-concept commercials to their reels. Actors who need TV commercial scripts for audition practice.

How does it work?

After you join, you can browse hundreds of scripts. When you see scripts that interest you, email us at info@specbank.com to check their availability and reserve them. If a script is already reserved, we’ll check if the person who reserved it is willing to release it to you.

How much is it? How do I join?

See our signup page.

Where do you get the scripts?

From working creatives at top ad agencies across the country.

Are the scripts any good?

Each script is carefully selected for quality of concept and production value to make you and your reel shine.

I’m a writer. Can I submit scripts? Is it free?

We welcome all script submissions and it’s free to submit scripts. We’ll add your best ones to the Spec Bank database for directors to read and shoot. Email your scripts to submit@specbank.com.

What do I get with membership?

Access to more than 1,000 conceptual TV commercial scripts that you can read and shoot at no additional charge. Sample director treatments. One-line descriptions of scripts to make browsing easier. Plus exposure for your completed spots on our social channels and blog.

Do you remove scripts from the database once they’re shot?

Yes. We understand that no one wants to shoot a spot that someone else has already shot.

How do I cancel my membership? How long do I have to be a member?

You can cancel your membership at any time. However, you must be a member to develop, direct, and produce our scripts.

Do I have to pay to use the scripts?

No. Your membership covers everything.

Do I have to work with the writers?

You must let the writers know when you're developing and producing their scripts. Your spot will come out better if you collaborate with them, but the extent of that collaboration is up to you and the writers.

How many scripts can I reserve?

A few at a time, but if another member expresses interest in one of your reserved scripts, you must cut your reserved list to two scripts.

I’m looking to get into commercial directing. Any advice?

Don’t start shooting until you read our interview with Jeff Nicosia, co-founder of SpotLab (formerly Group 101 Spots).

Can I use one of your scripts commercially?

Not for the basic membership fee. Contact us to discuss commercial use fees.

I have a cool project that needs a director. Can you help?

Yes! Email us at info@specbank.com and/or check out our Hire a Director page.

I need a copywriter for my project. Can you help?

We have access to a broad network of copywriters at some of the best advertising agencies in the country. Email us at info@specbank.com to find out more.

I have a less frequently asked question.

Email us at info@specbank.com.

I’m ready to join.

Subscribe here.