Is your reel good enough to get you signed? Do you know what kind of spots you should add – and which you shouldn’t?

Get the answers from Jeff Nicosia, co-founder of SpotLab (formerly Group 101 Spots) and Executive Producer/Creative Director of Industrious Films. With a virtual consultation, you’ll receive powerful, unfiltered advice to make sure you’re on the right track.

As the creative leader of SpotLab, Jeff helped fledgling commercial directors create winning reels. Many directors were signed after completing the program.

In its last session, SpotLab cost $3,500. But for just $100, you’ll get:
  • A phone call with Jeff to review your spots
  • Jeff will look at any scripts you’re considering
  • One follow-up email with Jeff to share any new spots

Don’t prep another spot until you talk to Jeff. Sign up now, and we’ll connect you within 48 hours.

Spec Bank membership not required for this service.


"The consultation with Jeff was exactly what I was hoping for. It was great to have someone with a no-B.S. approach thoroughly go through all of my work, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of it with me, and help set up a game plan on where to go from here in a way that is much more efficient and focused than I was doing on my own. I may even buy the guy a beer if I meet him in person one day (the quality and price of the beer will depend on what type of gigs I land from his help!). The service was 100% worth it." - Brad Hasse 

"My experience with Jeff helped me understand what goes on in a Creative Director's head when they watch a reel and how I should choose and structure my work to help make my own the best it can be." - Dan Kowalski 

"I'm a big fan of The Spec Bank and had no hesitation in purchasing the reel review. The most important thing a burgeoning commercial director can do is pick the right ideas to shoot. Thus, getting feedback from Jeff, a great mentor and savvy ad veteran, is a no brainer. His input is very helpful and, as you pare your spec spot choices down to only the best ideas, will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Very happy with the service!" - Brendan Hayward