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Dan Duffy, EP of Hungry Man
Find out what it takes to get signed to one of the top production companies in the world.

Jeff Nicosia, SpotLab
Don't shoot a frame until you read our interview with Jeff Nicosia, the co-founder of Group 101 Spots (SpotLab) - launching pad for many working directors.

Bo Mirosseni, Partizan
How an aspiring commercial director built a spec reel and got signed at one of the industry's premier production companies.

Corky Arnold, Jackhammer Creative
Read our interview with Corky Arnold, a director working in traditional and new media realms.


Get Your Reel Reviewed by an Expert
Which spots are working? Which should be axed? Which scripts should you shoot next? Find out with an affordable consultation with an industry expert.


Sample Director Treatments - Members Only
A treatment lays out a director's vision for a commercial, helping to focus the visual ideas and communicate to the writer and the crew many of the nuances that go into a spot. Become a member, and you can view, download and be inspired by real examples of directing treatments.

The Spec Bank Blog
Go behind the spots to learn how the directors shot their spots.

Directory of Production Companies
You finished your reel. Now what? Submit it to production companies! Search by state and country with this directory from ShootOnline.

6 Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Spec Commercial
A funny blog post with seriously good advice, from director Jaemin Yi.

The Path to Becoming a Director
An enlightening interview with working director Thomas Richter, author of the book "The 30-Second Storyteller: The Art and Business of Directing Commercials."